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Konstantin Pape

Konstantin Pape

Landscapes I

Konstantin Pape

Konstantin Pape

Landscapes II

Konstantin Pape

Konstantin Pape

Landscapes III

Konstantin Pape

Konstantin Pape

Landscapes IV

Konstantin Pape

Konstantin Pape

Landscapes V

Konstantin Pape


Konstantin Pape was born in 1989 in Dresden, Germany.


Being fascinated with the photographic medium from a young age on, he studied
time-based arts at Burg Giebichenstein School of Arts and Design in Halle from 2012

to 2016. The works he created during his time in Halle included everything from installation and mixed media to performance and conceptual works. From 2016 on he studied cinematography at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg.


In 2018 he earned a scholarship from the German region of Baden-Württemberg which enabled him to spend a semester at La Fémis film school in Paris. He has been working and living between Paris and Berlin since. 


His films have been screened at various national and international festivals. Besides his fictional work he shoots music videos and experimental projects. In 2022 Konstantin Pape has started working on fictional feature films.


Konstantin Pape is a multidisciplinary artist who has always been experimenting with photography as a means of abstracting the reality he captures around him. He sees his photographic work as a contrast to the cinematic images he captures on film sets, where a level of realism, representability and rigidity is a necessity to create a visual language. That is why he is searching for something fluid and more peripheral with his photographic work.


2014 Artist in residence in Alanis, Spain

2018 Scholarship at La Fémis film school in Paris, France


Exhibitions / Publications

2010 and 2012 Solo Photo Exhibitions at Vorstadt, Dresden

2012 Photo Exhibition: Locked-in/Locked-out exhibited in various cities

         as part of antiracism campaigns

2013 Group exhibition: Der Globus ist unser Pony, der Kosmos unser

         richtiges Pferd at Volkspark, Halle

2014 Group exhibition 50 Years Halle-Neustadt

2014 Included in the Book Wie wollen wir leben. 50 Jahre Halle Neustadt

2016 Group exhibition Words are my Reality at Volkspark, Halle


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