Authenticity is surely one of the most important aspects for our art gallery & advisory, especially when buying and owning art. In particular when it comes to artworks by pop artist such as Andy Warhol. It secures your investment and increases the value of your artworks. So due diligence and authenticity is something we take very seriously at OSME Fine Art, to make sure, that all artworks you purchase from us or through us are authentic. A truly crucial and important tool for your art collection.  

The Andy Warhol Authentication Board might have closed down in 2011, but over the past 15 years we have built an extensive archive, registering all prints and multiples by Andy Warhol, that we have come across. A vast digital database of all edition and unique artworks, that gives us the option to check and verify the authenticity or history of the artworks, as well as cross check artworks that we are being offered.


We are now offering this service to all collectors, auction houses, museums, galleries and colleagues around the globe. For a small administration fee we can give you our expert opinion about your Andy Warhol artwork.  

Get in touch with us to find out more at art@osme.at