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OSME Fine Art is not only a fine art dealership and art advisory, but also provides an extensive range of professional services to our collectors and colleagues, customised to cater to the requirements of a diverse clientele


Our objective is to furnish each of our clients with comprehensive and impartial appraisals of the highest quality. We achieve this with our experience coupled with the adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in our practice.

Sales assistance:

Whether you are looking for a specific artwork or thinking of selling an artwork from your collection, OSME Fine Art is happy to assist you with asserting the correct market value. Our market expertise


The value of an artwork depends on many factors, Especially the condition of contemporary prints on paper can have a major effect on the value. Damages such as creases, tears, cockling, fading, staining and many other issues that occurred over the years of handling and various ownerships. OSME Fine Art can determine such artwork issues. 


OSME Fine Art is working with a range of art conservators and restoration professionals. Whether it is the aim to bring an artwork back to its former glory for your own personal joy or you are planning to sell or auction your artwork. In most cases it will be highly beneficial to present an artwork in the best possible condition. 

Packing & shipping:

During the last decade, OSME Fine Art has built a wide network of professional shippers and art handlers. No matter if it's a local delivery service or a full crated global transit. Over the years, we have noticed a big range of cost difference for shipping services. Our aim is to find the most economical service at the highest professional level. 


The value of your collection also needs the right protection. No matter if it's one single painting or a collection of masterpieces. OSME Fine Art and our partner brokers will assist with valuations and insurance services, to make sure the right protection is in place, in case something happens. 

Taxes and import charges:

Many countries, many different regulations. As a private collector, it is often difficult to see through the tax and import duties when buying or selling an artwork. Every member state of the EU has different import charges and so has the rest of the world. For artworks, there are often reduced import charges, but it means, that an artwork needs to be declared correctly. Or you will easily end up in paying higher taxes than legally necessary. OSME Fine Art can assist with such regulations, as additional service to our shipping assistance.

Authenticity and appraisals:

OSME Fine Art works with a wide network of appraisers and art professionals. Authenticity is in today's art market of key importance, in buying, selling or even just brokering a sale. As art dealers and art advisors we are responsible for authenticity. We carry out the due diligence work, to make sure we can avoid any mistakes. Collectors, art dealers, auction house specialists and many of our clients have consulted the services of OSME Fine Art to assist with the authenticity research of their artworks. Still OSME Fine Art will not provide any certificates for authenticity, but we can produce a portfolio of evidence and give you our opinion, if we believe the artwork of your choice is genuine or not. Additionally we can recommend an appraiser from our network, if a certificate wants to be obtained. 

Andy Warhol archives:

Over nearly 2 decades OSME Fine Art has created a vast archive of Andy Warhol prints.Whilst we do not have an appraisals license, we can still cross check your Warhol print with our own archive and check if your artwork is already registered with us. We cannot authenticate your artwork ourselves, but we can give you our opinion and potentially check, if your artwork has been restored previously. Does it have all the correct markings, signatures, stamps etc. and is everything in the right place. The lifetime work of Andy Warhol is very complex and has changed during the years of production. Signatures, stamps, edition number fonts, formats, paper and printing techniques have changed and it is our aim to filter the many counterfeit artwork from the market, to make sure your artwork is genuine. Whether you are planning on selling, buying or just continue owning your iconic artwork by Andy Warhol.  

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