Previous Exhibitons 2013-2014

Ai Weiwei - Fairytale-1001 Chairs

Andy Warhol - Glam...

Meng Yang Yang & Zhong Biao - Realms of Fantasy

Kim In Sook - Saturday Night

Chen Fei - Extravant Imagination

Jason Martin - Baby

Diversity in Style - James Rawson, Mike Edwards, Silent Hobo, Russell Oliver, Ryan Oliver, Stephen Tribbell 

Joseph Klibansky - Urban Wonderland

Living Legends - Unique paintings by Gerhard Richter, Yayoi Kusama, Damien Hirst

Salvador Dali - The Clot Collection

Six of One, Half a Dozen of the OtherAi Weiwei, Han Yajuan, He Sen, Ling Jian, Meng Yang Yang, Qi Zhilong, Ren Zhenyu, Tu Hongtao, Zhong Biao

Transforming America - Andy Warhol, Alexander Calder, Cy Twombly, Frank Stella, Louise Nevelson, Mutu Wangechi, Robert Rauschenberg, Sam Francis 

Chris Holt - Physics

Contemporary Masters - Gerhard Richter

Helmut Grill - Dreamscapes

Roy Lichtenstein - Selected Works 1963-1997