Mahir Jahmal


Dealing with stereotyped images of photography is Mahir Jahmal's motivation of his artistic creations. He playfully oscillates, driven by the constant categorizations of his own person, between the classic motifs of photography.Portrait or landscape shots are developed on baryta paper and laminated on delicate aluminum plates. Contrary to the usual careful treatment of the material, Jahmal crumples it so that a relief-like structure emerges. The change in the surface gives rise to an abstraction of the subject. Jahmal gives his works a body. "I want to break the habit," says the artist. Mahir Jahmal is also inspired by the painting. He converts his generated ideas with the medium of photography into a form of sculptural and picturesque.


Born in 1986, lives and works in Vienna. Since 2009 Mahir studies fine arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.


Recent exhibitions:

2017 - I Forgot To Say Cheese @ OSME Gallery

2016 - Face It @ OSME Gallery

2015 - REMIX @ OSME Gallery 

2015 - "Early Birds" @ Kunsthalle Wien


Artist website: