Liu Fenghua & Liu Yong


Liu Fenghua was born 1956 in Hebei/China and graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, China with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts


Since the terracotta warriors were discovered in 1974 by farmers digging for a well in Xian, this life sized and lifelike army has become an icon of China's past, instantly recognisable all over the world. The terracotta warriors were the 8,000 strong underground army buried in Emperor Qin Shi Huang Ti's tomb (221 - 207 BC), to protect him in his afterlife.


Liu Feng Hua's sculptures is a wry, witty look at his country's history and future post-Cultural Revolution direction. Two thousand years separate China's first emperor and Mao. But Liu's modern ceramic warriors can be seen as an artistic statement of the morally complicated legacy of these two leaders - both great revolutionary leaders and yet, both great criminals, who have left a lasting legacy on China.