Ignacio de Lucca & Sofia Spinnato - INMOTION

May 18 – June 16, 2017

Opening reception:  Thursday May 18, 6.00pm-9.00pm (by invitation only, please RSVP)

Exhibiton dates:       May 17, - June 16, 2017 (extended until June 23, 2017)

Location:                  OSME Gallery, Lerchenfelder Strasse 25, 1070 Vienna


Please RSVP by email (click here) or phone if you wish to attend the opening or to make a viewing appointment.


by Frederika Amalia Finkelstein 

Sofia Spinnato's paintings softly unveil their stillness at the heart of urban life stories. The body shapes escape themselves, their lines are evanescent, yet strongly present through affirmtive colours and sizes. These strong but wandering bodies make us wonder: in a environnement where everyone is hyperconnected and often brutally close, where does intimicy begin ? What are you capable of now ? Where are the limits ? Are the questions that Sofia Spinnato asks herself before painting every frame. Pushing boundaries with every blank canvas, as a new starting point, is what motivates her to paint endlessly. Her paintings show faces that are emptied – no eyes, no mouths, no noses, nothing that could facilitate a human emotion – and yet each figure keeps, as a deserted form, an unique trait, hiding secrets that the viewer instinctly feels. Sofia works meticulosly on the solitude of these anoymous beings, capturing movement and posture from a stolen moment, at a party, in the subway or in a park. These lonely and majestic characters fade as easily as they appear . Feels like they could be here with us forvever, or might as well never have been . Sofia Spinnato takes the perception of dream to a solid ground : the pale of the colours is strong, and the lightness of being that appears through these canvases hides a vigorous need for memorizing a special time and space. 


With Ignacio de Lucca, the wild pursues that same evanescence. But this time, bodies are trees, leaves, birds. De Lucca honors all that silently speaks. He gives life to what is so often lest aside : wildlife. Ignacio paints in the same way a believer would pray : following every inner vision. Urban complexities become quintessential schemes of nature. Again we find a certain purity in the way colours appear : they flourish spontaneously, as if the pieces had been created minutes ago. De Lucca isn't interested in the pictorial details of what he paints : he's rather focused on the emotion of what it feels like to remember being around nature and to refresh that spiritual experience indefinitely. Like Sofia Spinnato, Ignacio De Lucca's work is immersed in reminiscence. Memories and sensations florish from these canvas. We are welcomed inside a present that is meant to last as much as we are willing to let it. The dynamics of this exhibition remind ourselves of a very platonian concept of time: the moving image of eternity.